I have been designing websites since 1998 when a Shakespeare professor of mine offered ten extra credit points if you turned in your final essay in html.
At the time, I was working towards my Art and Design degree with an eye towards print. That all changed. I have designed websites for big and small companies. Working in all areas in the life cycle, from brand identity to content mapping to user engagement strategies.

Here's a small sampling of some recent work.
TRY Studio
TRY Studio has been my life for the past four years. The web design has had many iterations and thanks to platforms like Bubble and Webflow, I've been able to redesign and test ideas quickly.

There were trade show booths, Maker Faire activities, conference make-and-takes, postcards, posters... Be sure to click the image to see a sampling.
TRY Studio
Front Line Defenders
About the project: Front Line Defenders had a major shift in their storytelling. The goal is to create a space that highlights the work of the people who put their lives on the line in defense of our human rights. The hero images needed to be powerful. And, they needed to allow for many kinds of assets at hand. I created a space for three kinds: photos, illustrator, and graphic. The rest of the site is a mix of modular design elements and dynamic content. My goal was to create flexibility while keeping an eye on powerful, clear, design elements to have as much impact visually as the stories that the site contains.
Front Line Defenders
American Prairie Reserve
About the project: American Prairie Reserve had very specific goals for now and in the future. I needed to create a design to showcase the amazing landscapes of the prairie, while being sure that over the next 12 to 24 months the design would be flexible enough to accommodate many future features.

I edited the home page background video.
American Prairie Reserve
About the project:  Litquake is a literary organization in San Francisco. The project was a full redesign. The approach was simple—do what authors do—and show rather than tell. So, instead of saying that Litquake has events we jump right in and show upcoming events. These events are unlike other readings and I really wanted the playfulness of them to shine through in the design.
Edible Schoolyard Project
About the Project: A redesign and build for Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard Project. My part of the project was ultimately cancelled but I'm proud of the work-in-progress so I'm sharing it here. Sometimes, designers and clients aren't a great fit. The trick is knowing you did the best job you could do.
Edible Schoolyard Project
Chateau La Corne
About the project: This was a delightful project done for new friends who bought their dream… a vineyard in France. They were picked up by a news outlet and needed a website quickly to showcase their wine and property.

Built in Webflow, my goal was to create something quickly that the couple could update easily on their own. I trained them via video calls and created videos tutorials for them to follow at any time.
American Prairie Reserve Corne