I fell in love with making movies somewhere between brushing my teeth and having lunch.
And when I say I love it, I mean I love all of it. Every job on set. I've written, directed, produced, and edited. I have run the generator (though this still puts the fear of god in me), tried production design, and tinkered with lighting. My strengths are in writing, directing, and producing.

I've won awards for my work as a writer, director, and producer.

Storytelling has become such a buzz word now that I struggle to say this but at the time I returned to grad school to study filmmaking it was because storytelling was missing from my web design life.
Moving Postcards
Moving Postcards started as a gift of an old family car and ended as a photography project. The car needed to get from Maryland to California. So, I called Rachael and we found overlapping time off between projects and took the slow road across the country with a DSLR and a vague idea of what we’d find. We arrived in California just three weeks after departing with nearly a TB of footage from over 22 locations. Go!

Moving Postcards was produced, directed, and edited by Jennifer Arzt. This was a successfully funded this project via Kickstarter.
Cake is a short children's film. I'm so proud to let you know that it was honored with a Directors Guild of America award. In less than ten minutes you can see what happens when best friends, who happen to be orphans, try to make themselves unadoptable.

Cake was written and directed by Jennifer Arzt. It was honored with a Directors Guild of America award, First Place at the Palm Beach Film Festival, and proudly screened in numerous festival around the US.
Wednesday : Producer, Director (2012) :: This short film, based on an award-winning stage play, won a grant from celebrated theater company, PlayGround.

Moving Postcards : Producer, Director, Editor (2011/12) :: I produced and directed this successfully funded Kickstarter cross-country short film.
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Rising Star : Producer, UPM (2010) | Independent feature. Kept this feature on track during filming at our two dozen locations in three weeks.

National Novel Writing Month’s NaNoVideo : Producer, Director (2009) :: Created 22 short webisodes. Video content ranged from how-to videos to inspirational shorts for 160,000 participants worldwide.

Cake : Writer, Director :: I wrote and directed this short student film. Proudly, it landed me some awards including The Directors Guild of America Student Award.
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Silver Pictures/Dark Castle
: Intern :: Performed complementary tasks while being immersed in the daily life at a production company.

ETC : Various :: There are so many ways to step in and help a production. I've shot interviews for documentaries, re-edited pieces to help a fellow filmmaker get past a sticking point, run cameras for Common Wealth Club's lecture series, written feature and short scripts, line produced commercials done as short films for Mercenaries 2, and much more.
Partical List of Film Credits