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TRY Studio
Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canon EOS RP, Moment Build: Bubble (a "code free" development tool)
Co-creator, designer, "code free" developer
TRY Studio

Project Overview

The Composition Art Lab was a pivot from TRY Studio's original model. I partnered with Amanda Hinton, one of TRY Studio's most prolific teachers and watercolor paint maker, to create an online composition fundamentals that allowed users the best of online learning and in person learning experiences.

My Contributions

With Amanda, we outlined the course, and did research on the 30 most important composition fundamentals. At that point she wrote the course content and I developed the application for user registration, payment and course work, including user dashboards and homework progress tracking. I also created collateral and social campaigns like the "Imagine a ____" to get people thinking visually about they'd visually present an idea.

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