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TRY Studio was my bootstrapped startup for one-on-one lessons in all things creative. In order to spread the word about TRY Studio, I exhibited at events and shows, put on workshops, and hosted breakout sessions at conferences.. Below are a smattering of photos from these events and experiences.

I worked as both a creative director and onsite facilitator most of the time. But I also created the posters, handouts, tactile interaction elements, and worked the show or the event. It was a fantastic way to find new users, engage with my users (both seasoned and new), which provided immediate feedback.

The TRY Studio Wall

Below is a photo of the giant wall for my first year at Maker Faire. That wall was built over and over in various configurations and allowed my ideas for the booth to easily evolve over time.

Demos at Events

As more and more teachers joined TRY Studio, I would ask a handful to come with me to shows in order to give a taste of what a private lesson would be like.

In-person events in partnership with local venues

I partnered with local venues for small workshops to promote both brands.

The postcard project

This was done a few times in a few different ways depending on the location and vibe of the event. The core of the idea was always the same... at an in-person event, provide a station where people could write themselves a postcard. In particular, they would write themselves a note that would dare them to try something new. A month or so after the event, I'd drop them in the mail.

Create prompts

This idea was the predecessor to the more engaging (and added touch point) postcard project. At a booth, I'd roll out some paper and ask folks to write down what they always wanted to try. It sparked natural conversation that didn't make my interactions feel like sales pitches.

Tactile Elements

As silly as it sounds, I found that putting something tactile on a booth table would help passersby stop and engage. While admittedly not a great photo, it is of one of many cubes I made and placed around the booth. Each cube was the embodiment of one teacher's profile page. It was so fun seeing people pick up the cubes, look for one they were interested in, and talk about that activity with the cube in hand.

"The" Poster

As I was getting ready to launch, I didn't really know what to expect in terms of my first set of teachers. Would I get more makers or artists? Crafters or designers? I created this graphic to get the feeling across and used it as a poster in various booths. People love it! I never expected it to be such a draw but it was and I repurposed the design onto everything.

And many more...

There were so many other in person experiences that I tried... tiny workshops at my kitchen table, Mini Maker Faire, Nightlife at Cal Academy. Some were more successful than others, while others photographed better than others (and these were almost never the same events). It was a constant learning experience.

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