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Macaw, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Lead Designer
Giant Rabbit

Project Overview

While this is an older design (circa 2014) it was such a fun redesign! This was a full redesign and platform move.

The website, while up and relevant all year, mainly supports a single annual event in San Francisco and the elements on the page needed to convey a sense of the event both in terms of energy and timeliness.

But more importantly, this was a turning point in the design-to-developer handoff and I'm proud of the hard-fought win for the workflows. During the design of the project, a new tool called Macaw was released and I was eager to use it in order to speed up how designs were passed from me/designers to developers. While Macaw didn't make it, the path was paved and when more sophisticated tools like Webflow emerged, the groundwork was laid and we had a whole new, more efficient, and creatively liberating platform in our workflow.

My Contributions

I created a new, fresh color palette for Litquake and really pushed it forward, using colors boldly and playing with strong typography choices and a magazine-inspired layout.

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