Moving Postcards

Personal Project
Shot on Canon, Edited in Final Cut Pro
Producer, director, editor

Moving Postcards, A Road trip Project

Moving Postcards started as a gift of an old family car and ended as a short film project that we successfully funded via Kickstarter.

The car needed to get from Maryland to California. So, I called Rachael and we found overlapping time off between projects and took the slow road across the country with a DSLR and a vague idea of what we’d find.

We arrived in California just three weeks after departing with nearly a TB of footage from over 22 locations.


Jennifer Arzt: Director / Producer / Editor [jenniferarzt.com/]
Rachael Levine: Director of Photography / Producer [rachaellevine.net]
Shad Clark: Editor [shadclark.squarespace.com/]
Chris Houston: Composer [soundcloud.com/chris-houston-music]
Angie Yesson: Sound Designer

Made possible by our amazing Kickstarter supporters:

Anja Matthes
Anna-Maria Vag
Betsy Zimmerman
Brian Narelle
Chris Baty
Daniel and Anna Heath
Denton Froese
Gary Ploski
Giselle Chamma
Howard Levine
Jeffrey Macklis
Jen Kim
Jen Senko
Jendra Jarnagin
Joan R. Rogers
John Morse
John Sanders
Josh Levine
Kate McPhail
Kathleen Doherty
Lindsey Grant
Liz Rubin
Marc Dando
Mark Angel
Marty Lang
Meg Kettell
Megan Denhardt
Milly Itzhak
Patrick Bowen
Peter Monego
Rob Muraskin
Ruth Levine
Sally Garbarini
Stephen Norrington
Terry and Bob Arzt
Tony Shen
Trey Paradee
Tupelo Hassman
Wendy Smith

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