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TRY Studio

TRY Studio
Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator Photos: Canon EOS RP, Moment Build: Bubble ("code free"development tool)
Founder + CEO, designer, creative director
TRY Studio

Project Overview

TRY Studio many iterations in terms of design. There was a prelaunch website which I designed and built in Webflow. The only workflow I needed there was an interest form for future teachers. As I collected names, I looked around for a developer to bring the idea to life. But, I also wanted to launch version 1.0 without a round of funding in order to test the idea and have the flexibility to change quickly. At first I tried hooking together multiple platforms and was fine with doing some of the workflows manually. Then, I stumbled upon Bubble, a "code free" development tool. The platform runs on coffee script and the application is complied in javascript. After a few months, I was able to build, design, and launch a fully functioning, responsive, two-sided marketplace.

My Contributions

As a solo founder, I did it all with TRY Studio. I designed the prelaunch website, built and tested first versions of the application, designed the booth for trade shows and events, created and designed printed materials, wrote the content, created the blog and created that content, interviewed the teachers, took photos of sample lessons and promoted teacher stories. And the list goes on. Below is a sampling of the application design. Enjoy!

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