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Art should be fun.

Color in Action collection was created as a way to find joy and happiness in both the making of and looking at art.

After studying "fine art" some of the joy of art making was lost for me. It wasn't the kind of art I wanted to make or surround myself with. This collection my attempt to be brave. To break the rules. To ignore so much of what taught in formal settings and to lean into my intuition.

Abstract art piece by Jennifer Arzt
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Like a blog but with more paint splatter.
News. Musings. Resources.

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Bright, energetic, happy art for your walls. Live out loud. Take up space in the room. Be a champion for the joy of today.

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Oh Hi.

I’m Jennifer Arzt, an abstract artist based in California.

My abstract expressionism pulls from my personality where minimalism slams into colorful, bright, bold statements. I feel a sense of joy and possibility at that intersection and I’m constantly exploring ways to bring it into new artwork.

After 20 years in the digital space creating websites and films, I’m creating art in the real world and I can't wait to share these pieces with you.

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Jennifer Arzt - Abstract Artist

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As I've been spending time with more and more artists, I've learned that this community is truly one of the most supportive and encouraging places I've ever been.

So many of us are finally stepping into our Art (with a capital A) after years in another field and allowing all our past experiences to help make our Art businesses stronger. We're sharing what we've learned, what comes easily to us, to help each other out.

After over 20 years of designing and building websites, I'm putting together a course for you so you can create your own website with some behind the scenes expertise. I'll spell out all my favorite platforms and tools. I'll help you gather all your assets and make them web ready. I'll pull the curtain back so you know what you need now and what you can do later.

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Launch! A new course for creatives to take control of their website coming soon.

You need a website. I'm here to help guide you through the process.

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  • Own the space
    Domain name. Email address. Social.

  • Legal
    Interview with Spout Law's Nicole Swartz about what you need to protect your website, art, and brand.

  • Brand
    We'll get your creative juices flowing so you have your brand guide ready to roll, no matter what platform.

  • Call to Action/CTA
    This is vital. You must be clear on what your CTAs are now.

  • Newsletter
    You need one. Trust me. Let me explain...

  • Site map
    A clear guide to layout the content so your visitors get what they need.

  • Content
    Interview with author Lindsey Grant about how to connect your work with your collectors.

  • Assets
    Let's make all your art web ready!

  • SEO/Search Engine Optimization
    Straightforward tasks to make your website ready to be found.

  • Mobile
    How to make your website work on any device.

  • Testing
    Best practices on how and when to test.

  • Bonus content
    Analytics, test-iterate-test-iterate cycle explained redirects, SSL, Accessibility, and more (so so much more!).

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