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Oh Hi.

I’m Jennifer Arzt, an abstract artist based in California.

I spent the first 20 years of my career in the digital space designing websites and making films. Now, I create big, bold art in the real world and teach artists and creatives how to confidently craft their websites in a new course called Launch!

My abstract expressionism pulls from my personality where minimalism slams into colorful, bright, bold statements. I feel a sense of joy and possibility at that intersection and I’m constantly exploring ways to bring it into new artwork.

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Jennifer Arzt - Abstract Artist


Water water everywhere.

Tides collection is all about water. I've always been drawn to water and will take it anyway I can... oceans, rivers, streams, cascades, waterfalls, rain, puddles.

The push pull of it is such a flirt... powerful and peaceful. Quite and roaring. Life supporting and taking. I feel both at home and out of place in it.

Image of Original Painting by Jennifer Arzt
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Color in Action

I create art that shares joy, action, and maybe a little adventure.

The Color in Action collection was created as a way to find joy and happiness in both the making of and looking at art.

After studying "fine art" some of the joy of art making was lost for me. It wasn't the kind of art I wanted to make or surround myself with. This collection my attempt to be brave. To break the rules. To ignore so much of what taught in formal settings and to lean into my intuition.

Original Abstract Art by Jennifer Arzt
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