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True story. When I was in third grade I was sent to the principal's office for the first time. (I had just learned how to trill my Rs and did so even after being told to stop.) Terrified, I sulked my way to the office, climbed in the chair, my feet not reaching the ground, and I sat. And waited. For the PRINCIPAL. Alone in the office I had time to glance around. Framed on his desk was a photo from a family beach vacation. He looked so happy and goofy, in swim trucks and sporting t-shirt tan lines. And that's when I learned... we're all just people. Even the people who make the rules. All kinds of rules. Art rules, too.

I'm trying to take that lesson forward to art. Even though I studied "fine art" it wasn't often the art I'd want on my walls. It was serious and full of important dates and fact to memorize but it didn't do for me what I wanted it to do (with plenty of exceptions of course). The art world seems to have shifted, for the better, since then. Or at least my view of it. And I'm grateful for it.

Let's have fun with color, with movement, with energy. I want to create work that takes up space in the room and brings joy and happiness to walls.

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