Launch! From Studio to Screen: Building Your Artist Website

A six-week long workshop to finally launch your website

It's time and you're ready. Let's work together to launch your website.

Join our comprehensive online workshop designed specifically for artists who want to establish a compelling online presence. This course will guide you through the entire process of creating your own website, from conceptualizing and defining your content to mastering the essential tools and finally launching your site.

When / Where

August 1 - September 12 2024

Live Virtual Calls and Recorded Lessons - Live call dates coming soon!

This workshop is designed for:

» artists who already have a website and are in need of a big update

and also for

» artists who don’t yet have a website yet and want some expert help as you get started

Time Expectations

» This is a hands-on, get-it-done, experience. Be ready to set aside time to work. We have a midway check-in and a final show. Lean into peer pressure  the group support and get it done!
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Workshop Flow

This Workshop is Combo of Live and Recorded Content

This course combines recorded lectures you can watch at your own pace (.5 to 2x) with live calls for Q+A sessions, progress sharing, and personalized feedback. This blend of structured content and interactive sessions ensures you gain knowledge and get the community support needed to effectively build your website.


Have you ever signed up for a class, started strong, and then fell out of it... and it wasn't because you didn't want to learn that thing but life got in the way? We work to help avoid that by having a workshop start date and end date with a shared goal of a website launch date of September 12, 2024.


Each lecture will end with clear action items for you to take. You'll learn from the lecture, have homework to do, and then show up ready for the next lecture. We'll keep this up until you've launched your website!
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Defining Your Website

You need YOUR website. Not a generic one that you think you "should" have. We dig in and define what you need now.

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Defining Your Audience

Who do you want to come to your website? How many audiences do you have?

Call to Action

Answer this one question: If someone does just ONE thing on my website, what do I want it to be?

Anatomy of a website
The Anatomy of a Website

We'll look behind the scenes of what powers a website and learn to think in blocks and modular design.

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Site maps and content creation! We'll get to the words on the page with an eye-opening interview with author Lindsey Grant. She shares so many helpful tips on how to write your artist statement and how to clearly communicate your thoughts.

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Terms, privacy policies, trademarks, copyrights, oh my! Learn all about them in our interview with Nicole Swartz of Spout Law. (She also has shared a discount code with course participants to get her Terms and Privacy Policy.)

File size icon

File size matters. Organization matters. File naming matters. We'll learn how to export files in a web-friendly way and gather all our files in one place.

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You need a newsletter. In truth, you need a newsletter way more than you need a website. Learn how Mati Rose's newsletter saved her life (almost literally).

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The Build

There truly isn't a one-size-fits all solution and you can build on any platform you like. We'll cover how to find answers when you get stuck and how to track uptime of your platform.

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Every website must be mobile friendly. We'll do a pass of all our pages to make them shine on those smaller screens.

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Test Plan

Things break. Bugs happen. But we have a plan to help catch as many breaks before our website visitors do.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We'll go over many different ways to make your website SEO ready. We'll cover alt text, meta data, long-tail keywords, and using your page's title hierarchy.

Easter Eggs and other Bonuses
Not-so-hidden Easter Eggs

There are some things that easily elevate any website. They might seem like "nice-to-haves" but they make any website look more professional and polished.

Easter Eggs and other Bonuses
Link in Bio

How do you think about the visitors who visit your website from a specific platform? We'll get your Link in Bio pages ready to welcome your social follower guests!

Easter Eggs and other Bonuses

And boom! You're there. You've considered all the things your website needs to be in order to justify taking up your time and now you're done.

Meet Your Teacher, Jennifer Arzt

My name's Jen and I've been designing and building websites since 1999. I've built websites for companies of all sizes and now I teach artists, makers, and creatives of all kinds how to do it for themselves.

I'm passionate about you having a website that thrives, that elevates your business, your art, and your creations. I believe your website is one of the most customizable places in the world (physical world included!) where you can share your work and control the entire narrative. You control every pixel and each one allows you to craft the story of you, your practice, and your work.

What students have said... aka love notes

When I signed up to work with Jen, building a website sounded impossible. It's a huge task. I am so glad to have had Jen help to break it down into doable tasks. I learnt so much and covered things that I never would have thought about otherwise. The encouragement from Jen and the community of the group was invaluable. I wouldn't have achieved so much in such a short amount of time without this course.
Jen's straightforward and thorough explanations took my website from being blah to a reflection of me and my work! I found the small groups so motivating and their feedback was priceless. I am now comfortable making changes and updating my website and unafraid to make radical changes in order to keep my website aligned with my needs. I would recommend this program to anyone who has or wants a website and doesn't know where to start. Jen will walk you through the whole process and help you find what will work best for you and your practice. Thank you Jen!
“Jen’s knowledge of tech and design combined with an artist’s perspective is invaluable. She’s encouraging and available. I cannot recommend her class enough!”
"Jen is thoughtful, intentional, focused, and thorough. She gives clear and expert guidance and generous support. She has absolutely shifted the way I think about and use my website and newsletter!"
"I am so glad I took this course. After years of trying to figure out my site’s direction, this course gave me the tools I needed to get clear focus. Now I have a site that adds so much value it’s like having a virtual assistant!"

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Let's do this!

August 2024

August 1 - September 12
Jennifer Arzt at the Color Factory celebrating what you'll create!
You. Are. Ready.
Create and Celebrate!

It's time. Let's launch your website and share your work with the world.

You don't work for your website.
It works for you.
Let's make it worth your time.

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