Free Website Design Workshop for Artists

From Canvas to Screen: Building Your Artist Website

You're invited to a free Web Design Workshop specially crafted for artists, makers, and creatives

Join us for an hour that'll be jammed packed with a ton of info you need about making a website that supports you and your art business.

When / Where

Wednesday, July 23 @ 5pm pacific / 8pm eastern

Live Virtual Call

This workshop is designed for Artists who:

» already have a website and want to check that it is in alignment with your current needs/goals

» don’t yet have a website yet and want some expert help as you get started

Playbook Included

» You'll get a copy of the slides with worksheets with a link to a sample sitemap to get you started

Workshop Agenda

First: Dream Big

Who. What. Why. The answer to those three Ws will reveal your website’s sitemap and give you a punch list of what content your website will include. Less is more and we’ll talk about how to be sure you’ve got what you need.

Second: Execute Small (test/repeat)

Minimum Viable Product. Don’t have a lot of time and/or don’t want to spend forever building? That’s fine because less is often more (much more often than often if we're being fair) ! I’ll share with you what I wish every artist’s website included. Think: you'll walk away with a checklist.

Third: Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes

I'll share with you some of the biggest mistakes I've seen artists make and tell you have to avoid them.
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Meet Your Teacher, Jennifer Arzt

My name's Jen and I've been designing and building websites since 1999. I've built websites for companies of all sizes and now I teach artists, makers, and creatives of all kinds how to do it for themselves.

I'm passionate about you having a website that thrives, that elevates your business, your art, and your creations. I believe your website is one of the most customizable places in the world (physical world included!) where you can share your work and control the entire narrative. You control every pixel and each one allows you to craft the story of you, your practice, and your work.

What students have said... aka love notes

When I signed up to work with Jen, building a website sounded impossible. It's a huge task. I am so glad to have had Jen help to break it down into doable tasks. I learnt so much and covered things that I never would have thought about otherwise. The encouragement from Jen and the community of the group was invaluable. I wouldn't have achieved so much in such a short amount of time without this course.
Jen's straightforward and thorough explanations took my website from being blah to a reflection of me and my work! I found the small groups so motivating and their feedback was priceless. I am now comfortable making changes and updating my website and unafraid to make radical changes in order to keep my website aligned with my needs. I would recommend this program to anyone who has or wants a website and doesn't know where to start. Jen will walk you through the whole process and help you find what will work best for you and your practice. Thank you Jen!
“Jen’s knowledge of tech and design combined with an artist’s perspective is invaluable. She’s encouraging and available. I cannot recommend her class enough!”
"Jen is thoughtful, intentional, focused, and thorough. She gives clear and expert guidance and generous support. She has absolutely shifted the way I think about and use my website and newsletter!"
"I am so glad I took this course. After years of trying to figure out my site’s direction, this course gave me the tools I needed to get clear focus. Now I have a site that adds so much value it’s like having a virtual assistant!"

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