Shallow Reefs

$ 350.00 USD
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Shallow Reefs

$ 350.00 USD
I love hanging out underwater... I was PADI certified in high school. But as much as I love the deep dive experience, there's so much to see and explore right below the surface. This piece is inspired by an experience I had gearing up to go snorkeling. I was no deeper than my knee in tropical waters trying to get my fins on when I saw a fish swim between my planted foot and the floating fin I was struggling with. I bent over and stuck my face underwater and it was like I was transported to the reef. The water, right there at the shore, was teeming with colorful fish. The piece pulls me back to that time and reminds me that the best parts of life and experiences are often right at your feet, you just need to look.
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    18 x 24 in
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I've always been drawn to water... the ocean, waterfalls, streams, creeks, rain, puddles. I'll take it anyway I can ... looking it at from afar, morning or night. Swimming in it. Splashing in it. Listening to it. It is a contradiction... peaceful and powerful. Life giving and taking. Calming and overpowering. Pickup available in the SF Bay Area (I love to meet collectors!). If you need it shipped, shipping costs will be billed separately.

All work is on archival paper or canvas. Mediums vary and can include acrylic paint and ink, India ink, alcohol ink, watercolor, and pencil. Colors may vary from what you see on your screen. Some work has fluorescent paint which is very different to scan and photograph accurately.

* Frames and mats shown are only to help you envision the art on your wall. If you would like help picking the frame and mat, please reach out after you purchase. I'm happy to make suggestions!

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Fluorescent paints reflect light in a way that makes them are hard to photograph and scan. Here's a video to give you another view of the colors in this piece.
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